The benefits of hobbying together

Everyone has their activities, their obligations and their tasks. Therefore, they often only share a few minutes at night before bedtime. Did you know that hobbying together has many benefits? In this article we tell you.

Why is it good to practice a hobby together?

If you are with a person it is because, surely, they share certain tastes for the same things. From a sport to a band, through trips to the movies or literature.

But the truth is that while at first ‘they did everything together’ with the passage of time each organized their day separately.

It is likely that for a long time they do not share a date as a couple or do not do something that they both like. That is what they need to be completely happy!

Of course, the success lies not only in practicing a hobby together, but in many other issues that have to do with companionship, respect and affection, however, the fact of doing things in two has many benefits:


1. Greater communication

Whether they go to the same gym or go jogging in the park, attend a play or do a cooking course, be together in an activity outside of everyday life and increase communication.

Simply having to talk about a topic other than money , children or vacations is very beneficial. They can start talking about something related to the activity in common and then have more confidence to devote themselves to more ‘complicated’ topics.

2. More connection

There is nothing more beautiful than being with your partner doing something they like and feel accompanied , in the same harmony, looking in the same direction. Undoubtedly, this activity will connect them more and make the relationship ‘go on wheels’ as it is popularly said.

Of course, connectivity has nothing to do with mobile or laptop. Quite the opposite!

  • It is to be able to look into each other’s eyes and know what the other thinks or feels, without the need for words.
  • Have experiences in common that can be remembered in the future.
  • Enjoy that complicity enjoyed only by those who love each other.

3. Less fights

Many of the reasons why couples argue is for ‘doing nothing together’. That lack of activities of two can lead to monotony, boredom and, therefore, to discussions.

When you take the time to enjoy something in the company of the other, all the daily or daily effort makes sense. So it is worth working so many hours!

4. Less individualism

Being in a couple is not always synonymous with union and companionship these days. Each one is focused on their personal achievements and their obligations. Individualism in a relationship is another reason why marriages are not happy or feel full.

That is why, when practicing a hobby together, we put aside the ‘I’ and start thinking about the ‘we’. It is something really good for both of you and for a lasting and strong relationship to anything that can happen.

How to practice a hobby together?

The options are innumerable and everything depends on the taste of each one. You must take into account something very important so that the benefits really are remarkable and true: both should feel comfortable with the activity.

It is not about imposing on the other to do something just for the fact that ‘it is good for the couple. Therefore, the best way to choose an activity or hobby is to speak freely and express our feelings.

Think, for example, what things united you from the beginning: do sports? Listen to a rock band? Try dishes in different restaurants? go on a trip? Watch movies and series? There are many options and they do not necessarily have to be expensive and put your economy in check.

They can arrange to picnic at the park on Saturday morning if they like the outdoors and the sun; exercising in a place when they return from work; walk around the city admiring the architecture and shop windows or even go to the terrace and admire the stars while hugging and caressing each other.

Other alternatives to practice a hobby together can be:

  • Take free tourist walks where they live.
  • Cook a dish that both love.
  • Watch a movie lying on the couch with a rich cup of coffee or tea (or a good wine can also be).
  • They can even participate in volunteer activities cleaning a beach, planting trees or collaborating in an animal shelter.

By last…

You have to ask yourself, what do I like to do and what does my partner like to do? Even if they don’t believe it, they have more things in common than differences. For something they have been together for so long. It’s just a matter of finding those activities that they are passionate about and seeing how they combine them so that they both have a great time. Cheer up!

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