A trick to knit a scarf with a box

Knit A Scarf

In this article we bring you a trick to knit a scarf , even if you are a total inexperienced. Many remember with nostalgia that warm hand-woven scarf that grandmothers made for winter days. His weaving skills impressed us. However, very few worried about learning this art and, year after year, the tradition was lost, almost falling into oblivion.

Since it is good to recover this old custom, today we want to propose a special technique for knitting a scarf with a box. Although it usually seems complicated because it involves investing some time, the experience is very fun and can serve as a relaxation technique. It consists of using a box as a tool, to facilitate the weaving process and avoid the complexity of the needles.

Knit A Scarf

How to knit a scarf over a box

To make this scarf you can choose the threads to your liking: wool or synthetic. You can also use several colors and make the combinations you want.

Materials for knitting a scarf

  • 2 empty tissue boxes
  • 1 scissors
  • Knitting threads (to taste)
  • Scotch tape

Step 1 to knit a scarf

The first thing you should do is cut out the boxes. Cut out the box , about 3 cm away between them. The depth of the incisions should reach 2 cm. Make cuts to form “teeth”, as shown in the video. The corners of the box must be kept intact.

Step 2

On one of the outer sides of the box, fix the strands with some adhesive tape. Now, start by contouring the “tooth” of the box with the strand , moving it along its perimeter.

Step 3

Follow each of the instructions shown in the video to make all the fabric. Try to be very careful not to confuse you. Continue weaving until you obtain the desired length of the garment.

Step 4 to knit a scarf

Through the hole in the box at the bottom you will have to remove the scarf. Once finished, fix the strand so that it does not fall apart.

Other tips for knitting easily

We would need many years of practice to become as good weavers as some veterans. However, since the idea is to learn and make the experience rewarding, we can apply several recommendations so as not to have to get too complicated.

Knit frequently

Sounds pretty obvious, but the most effective way to learn to weave is simply knitting . The practice is what will make the tissues increasingly perfect and easy to perform. Regardless of the type of technique you choose, the more you apply it, the faster you will increase the speed. Don’t think so much about what you are doing, as that will slow down your skills and make you spend more time.

Choose a fast knitting technique

The technique of the box is very fun for those who have never had experiences with needles. However, according to the cultural traditions of each region, there are other quick and simple methods that can be useful for this task.

For example, the continental technique is reputed to be one of the fastest. In fact, it is the one used by the Dutch weaver Miriam Tegels, who holds the Guiness Record  for the fastest weaver in the world, with 118 knitted points in a minute.

Take care of your hands

The art of knitting is not usually very friendly with the skin of the hands . Some have dryness and others develop irritation and weakness in the nails. As hands are our main tool for tissue, it is very important to provide them with hydration and all kinds of special care. Choose a product suitable for your skin type, and use it before and after handling the wool.

Finally: Try to save your movements

Finally, if you look at the techniques used by professional weavers, you may notice that many limit movements when working. Therefore, they do only what is necessary to hook the points. This allows them to optimize the time without their hands feeling tired or resentful.

Achieving this skill will increase your productivity and allow you to produce more pieces than you thought. Do you know more tricks to knit easily? We invite you to share your experiences with us.

15 tricks that will help you save the clothes and shoes you thought were ruined

Clothes and shoes

Taking care of our favorite clothes and shoes is not usually that simple. While we can clean them with detergents and other types of products, sometimes it is inevitable that they will wear out due to their constant use or contact with any substance.

Damage to the fibers, colored spots or sweat can make us think it’s time to throw them away because they don’t look so good anymore.

However, there are a number of tricks and tips that help us restore them so that we can use them for much longer than expected.

On this occasion we wanted to collect 15 interesting tips for you to recover the clothes and shoes that you thought were ruined. Aim!

Clothes and shoes

1. Remove sweat stains and deodorant

To remove sweat stains  or deodorant from your white or colored shirts, prepare a thick paste with baking soda and lemon juice, and rub it with the help of a brush.

This simple solution has a strong bleaching power that will help you leave them as new.

2. Avoid the specks and balls in your sweater

If you have a cashmere or wool sweater it is very likely that at some point it will begin to fill with annoying specks and balls.

To say goodbye to this problem, soak it with cold water, drain it and put it in a freezer bag. The next day you just have to immerse it in warm water and dry it.

It will be very soft!

3. Remove makeup stains

It is common that when removing the blouse without being careful, it is stained with compact powder or other cosmetic product.

If something like this happens to you, take some shaving cream and rub it for a few minutes to remove the stain before the usual wash.

4. Remove lipstick stains

Because of their intense colors, lipstick stains on clothes are often very difficult to remove. To make it easier, spray a little hair spray , let it sit for a few moments and rinse with warm water.

5. Clean suede shoes

Suede is very elegant but usually gets dirty easily. To leave it as new, carefully rub a nail file .

6. Enlarge shoes

If you feel that your shoes are getting a little tight, put a bag of water inside them and leave them 12 hours in the freezer.

7. Goodbye to the annoying bra rods

If the rods of your favorite bra went out of place and hurt you, take a piece of tape or paper tape and seal them temporarily.

8. Remove red wine stains from our clothes and shoes

To remove red wine stains from your clothes, rub them with a little white wine and then spread a generous amount of baking soda .

Allow the solution to work for a couple of hours and then take them to the washer for a normal wash.

9. Unclog zippers

The closures of jackets and jeans usually get stuck after some time of use. A simple solution is to rub them with a little petroleum jelly to facilitate their sliding.

10. Prevent the stockings from tearing

Because it is such a delicate garment, veiled socks tend to tear very easily when they get tangled on some surface.

Luckily, if you put a bit of nail polish on the tear you can prevent it from running.

11. Shine patent leather shoes

Recover the shine of your patent leather shoes with the help of some glass cleaner. This product leaves them spotless and free of stains .

12. Whiten shoes

The white parts of the shoes are usually stained by their constant exposure to dust and dirt from the environment.

To recover that bright tone, mix some common cleaner with baking soda and then use a toothbrush to apply it to the area.

13. Neutralize the bad smell of shoes

That annoying smell that your shoes say goodbye because of the humidity caused by sweat can be removed with a little baking soda.

Introduce a couple of tablespoons inside and let it act overnight. The next day shake them and voila.

14. Remove oil stains from clothing

Dishwashing soap is the best solution to remove oil stains that adhere to clothing and shoes.

15. Reinforce the buttons

If you are worried that the buttons on your shirt will fall off, reinforce them with a bit of clear nail varnish.

Ready to practice these tricks? As you can see, they are very easy and economical solutions to preserve and restore those clothes and shoes that you thought were damaged .