6 ideas to make the first date unforgettable

Being yourself is the most important thing when making the first unforgettable date ; but, of course, it is not the only thing, since certain additional ‘ingredients’ are needed. In this article we will tell you some ideas so that this initial encounter is the most beautiful of all.

Can you make the first unforgettable date?

With ‘unforgettable’ we mean a positive experience, which we will remember forever. Of course, it seems somewhat difficult to achieve for a first meeting, however, the key lies in ‘being ourselves’ and not trying to appear to please the other.

A first date is full of expectations, anxieties and fears; mainly, if we like the other person a lot or if we haven’t dated anyone for a long time. Women can spend hours trying on the ideal attire, buying new clothes and talking with their friends about each accessory.

Men may be a little simpler, but do not neglect their appearance : shaving, cutting their hair and wearing ‘the best shirt’ are in their activities prior to a first date.

It is that, in fact, we want to please the other from the first moment; and it’s okay, so be it. However, this is not enough: we must also like that (almost) unknown person demonstrating our best version . As long as a character is not exaggerated or interpreted, it is good to bring out our virtues.

First Date

Tips to make the first date unforgettable

A first date can be unforgettable without exerting too much ‘pressure’, since the goal is to meet and then to like each other. Do not think so much, being yourself is often enough . Check out these tips that can be of great help for this special meeting.

1. Be true to yourself

This means that if you don’t usually drink alcohol , don’t accept going to a bar. Opt for a cafeteria, a restaurant, a park, a museum or the cinema. If you have the option of proposing the place, choose the one that identifies you or where you feel comfortable . Of course, you must get the approval of the other, so it would be good to choose an establishment that both of them like or where they feel comfortable.

2. Dress comfortably

It is true that we do not usually go to a first date dressed in sportswear or in the same way that we are at home at the weekend; but neither do we have to buy or wear something that does not represent us nor is it true to our style.

With simplicity and a little care we can look great, like and be consistent with our personality . Therefore, if you prefer jeans and you love shoes without heels … Do not hesitate to wear them for your first date!

3. Avoid complaints and regrets

In other words: Don’t talk about your ex! To make an unforgettable first date, problems cannot be the focus of the conversation. Nothing to complain about, complain and much less victimize.

Brings to light interesting, fun, cheerful and enjoyable topics. Put yourself in the place of the other: would you really like to spend two hours hearing how someone sitting in front of you complains about everything, cries for a lost love or laments the things he hasn’t done in his life?

4. Do not pretend

Just as it is not good to wear clothes that do not represent us, it is also not advisable to act or look like someone we are not. Even if you are an excellent actor, leave your artistic skills to the stage.

On a first date what counts is sincerity and being genuine; Therefore, we advise you to show your essence, your tastes, your opinions and your desires. Do not want to pretend something you are not because then you must maintain that lie and start a relationship based on deception never brings good results.

If there is something that you do not like about yourself, at the moment do not say it or demonstrate … There will be time in later meetings to know more in depth. But attention, because that does not mean talking only about your virtues, since you can sin as a ‘ narcissist ‘.

5. Not wanting to please each other forever

It is true that on a first date everything is gallantry and try to please, but for that there is also a limit . For example, if the other says something and you don’t agree … Tell him! No need to settle as if you were a robot or a doll.

Without coming to an argument – which would make the first date unforgettable, but in the bad sense of the word – you can subtly argue against that opinion or expression. If, on the contrary, you accept everything, even if you do not completely agree, it is the same as pretending to be someone you are not .

6. Be interested in the other

The best way to have a pleasant conversation is to show interest in the other . Without reaching the extreme of ‘interrogating’ or ‘interviewing’ we can achieve a pleasant talk if we allow our appointment to tell things about itself. Do not abuse the ‘I’ in the prayers, self-centeredness does not go hand in hand with good relationships.

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